Well hello there! – Catherine Langlois


Well hello there!

10月 07 2020 – Catherine Langlois

Well hello there!

Well hello there!

Welcome to my world, and a brand new website and blog!

This year has been a series of crazy ups and downs, changes of plans and 'pivoting' as the popular catch phrase goes.

I've been planning a new website for awhile and with all the upheaval in the world, I thought, why not create more change? So here we are, five months later releasing a fresh new look to the studio.

Who are we? I am Catherine Langlois and my official "what do you do" title is wedding dress designer.  When I tell people that, they have a confused look on their face, and ask me what is that exactly? Well, I design beautiful outfits for happy people. I am a soother of souls, a guider of personal style and a creator of dreams- whatever your dream may be.

My studio is a haven of serenity, I absolutely love what I do and other than gardening (which has it's similarities!), there is nothing I'd rather fill my days with.

Every time I meet a new bride, my mind is a whirlwind of creativity. One side is determining which look would be the best for that particular bride. The other, how do I put all those incredible inspirations they have given me into a new collection?

My right hand lady, Tierre is an accomplished hat designer. We spend hours in the studio chatting - about design, music, personal stories and how best to finish our work. She brings a different perspective to the wedding dresses which is

refreshing and valued. I've been designing custom wedding dresses long enough to have done every style once and have styles come back again! So why branch out and start a new website dedicated to selling my wedding dresses online? Often I have requests from brides around the world who have fallen in love with a dress they've seen on Instagram or Pinterest and can't find in their local boutique.

The Jasmine romantic, whimsical and ethereal is a perfect example. As a creative person, I'm constantly imagining new designs, not all of them make it into a collection since they stand alone in their look. On my new website, there will be a section of "one of a kind" gowns. These will be experimental pieces, designs made for specific photo shoot collaborations and gowns made from new fabrics or laces I want to try out before committing to a collection. They will be available in a range of sizes and are truly bespoke original gowns.

For Eco brides, the "one of a kind section" will also have original gowns in a variety of sizes made from my stash of discontinued, out of stock, vintage and Eco certified fabrics. Each gown will be unique but based on my best selling designs.

I'm so excited to begin this new journey in the development of my studio and I hope you will be too!

Here's to a new world!


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