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January 01 2021 – Catherine Langlois

Catherine Langlois Wedding Dresses
Catherine Langlois Wedding Dresses

Explore. Be inspired. Dream.

It's been on my mind for a long time to refresh and renew my website but this year has given me the opportunity to jump in and get it done! Why with all the upheaval in the world did I decide to create a new site? Well, like the over used catch phrase goes, it was time to"pivot" and put into play plans that have been on the back of my mind for quite awhile. And just like when I joined Instagram (admittedly late in the game), friendors have been hinting to me gently and not so gently that it was time to join the online shopping world.

So here we are, 8 long, long months later with a completely new website dedicated to sharing with the world all the creativity that goes on in my studio.

I'm not the most technical person, my happy place is in the studio designing. But what this pause in the world has taught me is that I am actually capable of learning how to be a part of the online world! From the hours upon hours of setting up a shopping website, with the huge help of my web designer BusStop Design , to learning Zoom, Whats App and all other video conferencing platforms, creating vendor pages on other platforms like Dress Hunt and New York Bridal Week to updating Pinterest, Linkedin and Facebook, blogging....whew ! It's been a whirlwind of adapting.

When people ask me "what do you do?" I answer that I am a wedding dress designer, "and what does that mean exactly?" Well, I am a soother of souls, a maker of dreams and a creator of beauty.

I am passionate about designing wedding dresses and every bride I work with is a chance to learn something new, meet a new person and explore new ideas. In my studio all women have always been beautiful, every wedding outfit is appropriate tothe bride and every body is respected. I love making each bride her vision of beautiful and creating a completely unique wedding dress based on her personal taste.

 Welcome to the studio!

The studio workspace is a haven of creativity with a positive vibe. All our ethically made dresses are made in our beautiful light filled environment by fairly paid dressmakers who are creative professionals in their own right. My right hand woman Tierre is a well known milliner and our work day is filled with stories, laughter and talking non stop about fashion from movies to outfits to instagram feeds. 

Explore. Be inspired. Dream...